Lean In & Love: GIVEAWAY

As I gear up for a rebrand and take support from creatives around me I realise how often we don’t offer up true, sincere words of encouragement within life, our jobs and anywhere really. I suppose sometimes it stems from fear, the fear of someone being better than us, but the truth is as so many quotes state that the beauty or achievement of someone else does not rule out our very own accomplishments. The other element to consider is shyness and vulnerability. How often are connections missed because we are unable to speak forth what is within our hearts? I have pledged to myself to speak up and offer what is within my heart, yes there is a risk to that always. However, the risk of silence and loss is so much greater and so putting myself on the line for a brief few seconds on minutes is worth it in the bigger scheme of living a well-rounded life (even if some people think I love or care too much, whatever!).

I am that type of person who likes to tell random people that their shoes are amazing while I am standing behind them in the bank queue. Once over my shyness I can voice my compliment and people are so often absolutely amazed that a stranger would say something lovely to them. I love telling people how wonderful they are, always sincerely and so if I find that it is false I rather keep quiet. Words spoken in this regard must be true in order to be heartfelt by both parties. 

In this same vein of thinking I have been mulling over this giveaway for far too long. A giveaway where least of all we think of what we can gain and think about a deserving party. When better to share it than in the month of LOVE – my very favourite emotion.

Growing up Valentine’s Day was celebrated as a family and my mother imparted the wisdom of love on us, love for all, not just romantic love on this often commercially driven day. It has stuck with me year in and year out. Giving in the sentiment of love to all... single, divorced, friends, family, collegues, random acts of kindness. It is with this vision that I share this giveaway with you in order to get us connecting and talking, uplifting and showcasing the beautiful people around us.

The giveaway is two one on one 90 minute consulting sessions with me.
One for you as the person nominating and uplifting someone and one session for that awesome person. The great thing is the sessions are not only for creatives or business owners they are aimed at living a meaningful and intentional life and so are a great fit for just about anyone looking to solidify their thinking and purpose on this journey we call life. Trust me benefit will be gained if you are open to looking to evolve into living your best life.

- To Enter -

Nominate a person who you feel needs to know how wonderful they are in your eyes. Whether they have achieved something incredible or are just a fantastic all round outstanding human. Share in your comment a little bit about why you think this is. It truly can be simple or even a declaration of great admiration. Do it your way, speak your opinion.

Entries close on the 28th of February 2018 and the giveaway is open to participants worldwide thanks to that handy thing called Skype by which we can run your consult should you win.

The winners will be selected first by short listing the most heartfelt nominations and then by random.org.
Happy loving and caring. I so look forward to your comments of upliftment and care. 

Beautiful hand lettered illustration by Fathima from Fathima’s Studio.  One of the woman that I think is pretty darn incredible and cool!


  1. Belinda Grant2/19/2018

    HI Nadia I nominate my friend Amy Claire she inspires me everyday, she is so talented and creative and started her own company with zero funds and has made it work for 2 years and counting including working many all nighters to make deadlines. I also have my own business for past 3 years and her tenacity and talent really keeps us girl bosses all inspired. Also she is a super fan of your work (shhh don't tell her I mentioned it) thanks Belinda


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