Beautiful Products & a Useful Tip or Two

I've had my eye on a brand lately...Tiger. Who? Well... Tiger is a Danish discount retailer started on the basis of being similar to a pound store. If you've lived in the UK then you will know every high street has a Pound Land or something similar (much like American dollar stores). 

Tiger was recently featured on CNN - giving the business serious credibility. I really enjoyed hearing more about the concept and how it all began. The point of the post is to share beautiful goodies with you, but it's also a quick look into a successful and affordable brand. It combines two of my favourite things - stationery and great business!

Here are a few very basic and simple tips via Tiger's founder Lennart Lajboschitz:
Innovate: It's something that should be happening all the time - on the move.

Make the ordinary extraordinary: Change a normal experience into a magical one. Think about how you can implement this in your own business - is it via customer experience perhaps?

Packaging can change it all: Within creative business this is truly a point to absorb and take on board. 

Experience what you sell: Lennart spends time on his shop floor to see the dynamics, how shoppers experience the environment in order to evaluate what needs to be changed.

Have good people around you and listen: Take on board input from others and surround yourself with people who aim to shape and grow with you.

Adapt to consumer / customer desires: What do people want and how can you incorporate it into your services or ideas.

And... here are a few of the the drool-worthy products:

To see more check our the Tiger site or watch the inspiring CNN video. 


  1. Oh wow, thanks for sharing! Very inspirational and a nice reminder! I actually went to a store in Malaga, but even though it was super cheap, I didnt even associate that it was like the pound shops we have back home, because the designs were so great!

  2. Thanks for you comment Bailey :-) Sadly, the lovely goodies aren't available here as yet. I did get an email from someone who said they are in talks to come to SA. Holding thumbs. x

  3. I just love all the Tiger goodies. How lucky that you got to visit their store - it's on my list for sure! x


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