Little Garden

There was a time in my life when I dreamt of simply having my own space and planting little plants in teacups and I am happy to say that is now a reality...well it has been for quite a while. A post on Design Love Fest got me thinking about my own small indoor garden.  I have a few more plants in my growing collection and use a white tray from Zak Designs which works well for moving my little garden to the best sunny spots.  This succulent needs to be potted - a weekend task for sure!

Gone are the days of drab, dying pot plants - let your imagine lead the way with vertical gardens, terrariums and interesting planters.  Time to get working on a green space of your own.

Take a look at these for some home gardening inspiration:
Design Love Fest's Need More Plants post
Wig Vases:  These are so cool and beautiful
DIY Cement Pots:  Clever and on trend

Nurseries and garden centres can recommend indoor plants and remember to chat to them about care tips.


  1. Emma-Jane10/24/2012

    Those Wig Vases are so amazing!

  2. Pippa J10/24/2012

    I just LOVE simple but so interesting to look at...want to emulate it at home :-)

  3. Thanks Pippa! It is easy to recreate and a bit of greenery always add some cheer! x

  4. They are so awesome and clever! Thanks for the comment! x


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