wolfy wolfy...what's the time

Tea time at Wolves!  I finally got to visit Angie at her little den of goodness!  The red velvet cake was truly delicious and the homemade cordial a tasty delight!  Thanks Angie!
Whilst I was in town I also managed to go to The Patisserie where I had some macaroons and peanut butter marshmallows.  Another stop was Bicccs in Waterkloof for ice cream (the motorbike photo is from there).  Lots of eating...YUM!  It didn't all happen in one day - just in case you were worried about my health.
Dangling cups at The Patisserie.


  1. How lovely and so many reasons to visit JHB!

  2. Thanks for the comment Anthea.
    It is truly a reason to visit. x

  3. Your blog is adooooooorable! I love it. And I love your updated cards in your recent post. So darling and unique.

  4. was so nice to have you x xx


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