A couple of weekends ago Daniel and I had a spontaneous thought.  We decided to go away for one night on a whim...we Googled a couple of places to stay in the Natal Midlands which is an area which lies give or take here and there about an hour to an hour and a half outside of Durban.  We literally rode off into the sunset leaving city life behind us.  It was blissful!  The next morning we awoke to bird song and an open landscape!  Nothing better if you ask me. 

On the drive home we stopped in Howick which I found really inspirational.  I know it isn't Durban, but it is in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal so falls under 'Durban as Inspiration' for now.

Whilst in town I met a lovely lady who was telling passersby about Howick and handing out fliers with various facts about this little town.  Howick is small, but worth a visit so in you are in South Africa make it a destination as it is an antique shoppers paradise.

At one of the shops there were the most amazing old suitcases which still held many a travellers memories to destinations both near and far.


  1. Nads, this is so cool! I love how you escaped on a whim! These pictures are awesome, I am definitely going to make a plan to see Howick one day. Lovely stuff friend. x

  2. wow these picture are beautiful!
    Hope you feeling better, the flu bug has bitten me too :(

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    So over having the flu - it just isn't going away...hope you get well soon.

    Yes...Ms Gloss you will have to make a little trip out there...not too far and a real escape! x

  4. ooh we love the midlands too! :-) Often just go on spontaneous get aways, its great! If you go to the midlands again you must try out Braemar cottage, gorgeous little place with a fire place. (we often stay there)

    Hope you feel better soon, i also had the bug for two weeks, its a real nasty one this year! xx

  5. love the midlands-one of my fave spots-often just take a trip out there-and it really makes my week!!

  6. Thanks Genevieve - will definately remember that. Getting better so feeling on top of it again. Thanks for the lovely comment.

    Thanks for the comment Annie. We are so lucky that the Midlands is so close...perfect for a quick escape or adventure!


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