Mooi Moments

My internet works again!  Miracle!  I thought I would celebrate with a pretty post to inspire some new month shopping.

Mooi means nice in Afrikaans and can be used as slang in English too.  Mooi is a treasure trove shop that Cupcake Couture stocks.  You can find them on the corner of Bulwer and Clark Roads...look out for pretty dresses flapping in the breeze or their mini tepee tents on the grassy patch outside.
Take a peep at all their pretty finds that are true to the word MOOI!


  1. It is always an inspiration to visit this lovely little shop! I've noticed your beautiful brooches there too!

  2. great post! Mooi is too sweet xoxo

  3. Nadia we love you!!!! Thank you for the great post. The pics are, as usual, fantastic. You sure have a good eye!

    Chat soon.


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