Wishing you a happy Easter

I know that my Easter wishes are a bit belated, but my weekend hasn't gone according to plan.  On Saturday my dear mom got taken to hospital.  She is doing better, but as we know life takes a back seat when your family needs you.

I hope you have had a splendid weekend.  I will be back to blog later.

This bunny cushion is perfect for anytime of the year - I spotted it at Earthmother in Glenwood.  There is also a little bird one.  So adorable.


  1. Ah my friend. So sorry to hear about your mom. Going to give you a ring now. x

  2. sorry about your Mom, glad she is doing ok x

  3. lots of positive energy and thoughts from me to you xox

  4. oh no friend, hope your mom is doing better....


  5. Thank you for the care and kind words. x


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