A tough week

This week was tough, mostly because my mom was so unwell and in ICU for almost a week.  Thank you for all your kind messages!  I always look for the positive side in every week and this one was no different.

1.  I received my Cloud Birds purse from Skinny Laminx
2.  A kind friend bought me a flower to cheer me up.
3.  My best friend in London sent me a package.
4.  My Elle magazine arrived.

With kind and caring people all around - it is easy to stay positive.  Do something nice for someone this week.  Let me know what you are going to do...or did. 

Image Collage:
1) Skinny Laminx packaging...the art is in the details.  2) The label on the pretty purse.  3) A special package for me (I will try and take some pics of what was inside).  4) The tape my friend used to wrap the package - I love it.  5) The new Elle.  6)  A flower for some cheer.


  1. Ah my friend. I'm sorry this week was such a toughie. Yay for nice things in the post though:) I can't wait to see all the goodies Ruby sent you!

  2. I hope your mom's doing better and that this week is a happy one for you.

    I'm putting up pics of your lovely corsage a bit later!x

  3. Anonymous4/12/2010

    I hope your mum is doing better this week and so glad your friends spoiled you - kind friends are one in a million xox ashe

  4. It is good to count blessings. Funny how sometimes when things are tough, those special things mean all that much more. Hope your mom is well soon.

  5. hang in there, so sorry you having such a horrible time - thinking of you x

  6. Sorry to hear that your last week was tough and that your mom was in ICU. Hope she is better.

    Take care


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