Shopping not Selling at I heart Market

Cupcake Couture won't have a stall at this month's I heart Market. Not to disappoint, but it is Daniel my fiancé's birthday. You see...last year on his birthday we spent the day driving to Johannesburg for SA Fashion Week. He is a dream and didn't complain for a minute so as a reward I promised that this year we wouldn't spend the day on girlie things, but rather on something he would like to do.

Cupcake Couture is still allowed to come shopping at the market, but no stall as I have to pamper and make sure there are plenty of pressies.

In the meantime you can buy some Cupcake Couture at Fat Tuesday in Kloof, Mooi in Glenwood, The Fringe Arts pop up shop in Cape Town or you can order something special directly from me - just send me a note via email.

See you there!


  1. Ah, bless Daniel! I'll be taking my UK bud there around 9:30. What time are you getting there? Looking forward to seeing you. x

  2. Ah, I didn't realise that's why you 'weren't' there! Happy Birthday Daniel! Lovely to see you anyhow!

  3. Thanks for the wishes. He felt like a real celeb yesterday. Happy you both had lovely market days. x


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