Buttons & Beauties

While I was in Cape Town I found some vintage buttons which I have since added a Cupcake Couture touch to (top row of photos).  I photographed them with two second hand books that I recently bought.  One is... Love is a Special Way of Feeling and the other is Ronnie Barker's Book of Bathing Beauties.  I love it when old books have messages in them...it feels as if you share in the joy that the person hopefully felt when they received it.


  1. My husband is a writer and dead romantic so I always look for old books with messages in them as gifts for him...especially if the message is something olde- world like,
    "My darling Maud, your hair rivals the golden glory of the buttercups. With all my love from Harold." :)

  2. Ronnie Barker is a legend xx

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment Fox & Locket - books are just extra special when they a couple of extra words in them. Lucy and Lauren - thanks for comment too. x


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