Doctor Dan and the Cupcake Couture Saga!

This week I had a very grim and nasty run in with my glue gun and some felt. I can take the odd little burn, but this goes way beyond and I have felt sorry for myself since. I have called the experience "The Ugly Side of Cupcake Couture". Whilst on a hunt for an appropriate picture to show my pain...without causing you any, I came across Doctor Dan. A collaboration between a publisher and Johnson and Johnson's Band Aids. Quite ironic as Daniel my fiance was the first to the rescue! So thank you to him for helping, listening to my insistent complaining, plus ensuring that the Cupcake Couture orders were finished on time. I was woman down after that and he so patiently glued the last of the felt strips on the backs of brooches. Another thank you to my parents and others for giving me sympathy. One last time...POOR ME! Ouch!


  1. Aw shame, poor you honey!Hope the digit is feeling better. x

  2. Oh no, lucky you had your own Doctor Dan around!


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