Christmas Crackers

Christmas is just over a month away. Who can believe it! Cupcake Couture is making crackers to do a little bit for our environment this Christmas. You can pick the gifts tape measure corsages, small sewing kits, pencil crayons, wax crayons, matchbox notebooks...take your pick. The ingredients...the fairly useless insides of toilet rolls which usually land up in the bin and magazine pages. Once Xmas day is over make sure that the crackers are recycled. You can pop the wrapping and cardboard into the same recycling bin that you drop mags or newspapers off for recycling. Orders are open so make sure that you... "Give back to the environment this Christmas". You can mail me on


  1. What a brilliant idea! I definitely want some! Are you wrapping 'em in Vogue? So cool.

    I'll email you tomorrow.

  2. Not all in Vogue pages...they are too precious, but some are overseas magazine pages. Let me know what type of gifts you would like.


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