Cath Kidston's New Sewing Book

Yesterday the delightful Cath Kidston launched her new Sewing Book, called just that. To tease us further she signed copies at the flagship Piccadilly Circus shop and oh my what I would have given to have been there. Regardless of missing out, the book is still something to look forward to. In true Cath style it is filled with an abundance of florals, beautiful photos and a mix of fun projects. I wouldn't mind a copy of this in my Christmas stocking this year (hint hint). Let me know if you get this beautiful book as I would love to hear your thoughts.

Here is some more info...
Step-by-step illustrations and templates for all 30 projects make this a perfect book for sewing novices as well as enthusiasts. As an inspirational kick-start, Cath Kidston is giving away all the materials to make the cover project — a pocket sewing kit — in a unique fabric specially printed for the book. Templates are included, all the sewing techniques are clearly explained and each project is paired with hand-drawn, step-by-step illustrations and beautiful photography, so that even an absolute beginner can be sure of success. There are stitching shortcuts for the time-pressed, take-it-further guides, and, for the more adventurous stitcher, a guide to experimenting with a range of fabrics from cotton and oilcloth to flannel, silk and linen.

"Five years on from our first sewing book, I wanted to follow up the huge success of Sew! with a very modern sewing book: practical, accessible, bright and fun, with a breadth of projects that felt versatile and relevant for today." — Cath Kidston

New Meet Free Monday Series

I'm launching a new MFM series kicking off next week! As we head swiftly towards the end of the year the focus will be on lovely items to help you get ready for Christmas and of course the new year. I have some really pretty and wonderful brands taking part in the review style series, coupled with giveways to spoil you. I'm beyond excited to get started, so check in for next week's first review featuring Olive and Finch.

If you design or create stationery items with a focus on organising, planning (notebooks, diaries, calendars etc) then get in touch to be included. 

Tried & Tested: Current Favourites #2

I've tried a few lovely things of a late. Of course there are a few that weren't so good, but that's bound to happen. I have a nice mix to share with you, from crafty things through to a few beauty bits and pieces.

Xcut Scalloped Palm Punch: I do so love a good craft punch. My sister recently saw my mini-collection which was in a drawer aptly labelled 'punches' and she burst out laughing. Craft nerd ahoy! Funny as it was to her... I know there are many of you who enjoy these too. They are useful for paper crafting and adding small decor elements to snail mail (see a pretty example here). The punches work well with paper, but not anything thicker.
It was R110 at CNA and they sell a variety of other patterns and sizes too.

Craftseller Magazine: Creative inspiration, business insight and good ideas... could there be a more perfect combo? I bought the mag for the creative business element and it was an added bonus that it came with a book of labels and tags. The stories within are interesting, but I do feel it is slightly similar to Mollie Makes. Nonetheless, it's a good read and the freebies add extra value. 
I found it a bigger CNA (Pavilion) and haven't seen it anywhere else. It was R159.90 and I would see it as a treat rather than a monthly purchase.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm: Time and time again I test different lip balms and each time I go back to buying this brand. I have very dry, flaky lips which can be very annoying when wanting to wear bright lipsticks, but this works by keeping the dryness at bay. None of my more expensive lip treatments from high end brands work as well. It's an affordable product, it smells delicious and has no taste. It also includes a SPF - perfect for our SA climate.
It usually get mine at Dischem (seems Clicks doesn't stock it) for R21.75.

Biologie Range by Rain: I have noticed that more and more brands are realising that natural is best and slowly but surely we are all becoming more aware of what we allow onto our skin. The products in the Biologie range are 100% natural and I have tried the hand and body lotion, hand and body wash and the shampoo and conditioner. You can definitely feel the difference as the products are lighter, but still do a great job. The shampoo is less foamy than the more commercial brands, but still offers clean hair. The smell is quite strong with Marula being the dominant fragrance and it almost appears to have a medicinal element to it. I'm using these rather sparingly, as the prices are higher than supermarket options, but the natural element is worth it. 
The prices range from R89 to R169. I would definitely recommend these, especially as gifts - they really are a lovely spoil and beautiful enough to display in your bathroom. 

Tea Tree Blemish Gel from The Body Shop: I have recently rediscovered my love for The Body Shop and their products. On a recent visit I had a voucher to spend and wanted to get something that I really needed. I'm fortunate as I don't have acne or major skin issues, but I definitely get blemishes, or let's be honest, pimples around stressful times. This product helped some recent ones to heal quicker. At first I didn't want to use the wand on my face, as I thought it might be unhygienic on the long term, but I did find that applying the product with my fingers did not have the same effect. It has a slight tingly feeling when you first apply it, which didn't happen sans wand application. It's necessary to use it often and to reapply it regularly. It's suitable to use under make-up (sparingly) as it doesn't have a typical gel like texture.
It costs R65 which is a fair price and it also lasts quite well.

NestlĂ© Hazelnut Hot Chocolate: As a non-coffee drinker this is probably the closest I will get to an early morning boost. It reminds me strongly of Starbucks and one of their holiday flavours called Toffee Nut. It isn't overly sweet and is very soothing and satisfying. I only need one cup a day. I'll be honest, I haven't taken a closer look at the ingredients and I'm quite sure it isn't good for you, but for now I'm just going to enjoy it. You need about four heaped teaspoons to get the right flavour and despite my one cup a day it seems to be running out rather fast. 
I've only seen it at Makro for R30.95 (250g) I'm in love!

Fresh Delights Sweetpea & Jasmine Hand & Nail Cream: Woolies usually don't disappoint and this affordable and cheerful buy is particularly nice. I received mine as a gift from a very sweet pen pal and definitely want to stock up on some more. It's moisturising and lovely to use before bed. It smells sweet, but not too overwhelming.
It's only R29.99 and the packaging offers a pretty pop of colour for your dressing table.

Get Big Lashes Volume Curl Mascara by Essence: I could rave about this mascara all day! Again it's a cheapy, but it works, which is the main thing! It offers a beautiful curl and when used with an eyelash curler the effect is even better. This is a great mascara to use and for only R44.50 it really is awesome!

I hope you've enjoyed my favourites! Have you tried anything new lately?

Meet Free Monday #38

Guest Post: Carla from Pretty Organised

Hello, I’m Carla and I like to organise things. What an honour to be featured on Nadia's blog! I am a huge fan!

This past weekend we attended a lovely wedding in Kalk Bay at the amazing Casa Labia. I love visiting Cape Town and catching up with family and friends. Having grown up in the Western Cape it’s always such a treat to return for special occasions.

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
October, oh my goodness where has the year gone?
My Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings usually start with water aerobics classes. I love summer and it is a great way to start the day and keep healthy. I clock in at my home office at 9am for a full day of office admin. Hooray! I usually take a tea break around 11am to sip a cup of English Breakfast Tea and water my pretty pink roses. 

Tuesday and Thursdays I work for an amazing client that stays about 45 minutes away. It is fun to go out and meet her every week. A change of scenery is important to keep your mind and ideas fresh. Cooking and preparing dinner takes up the rest of the afternoon and in the evenings I like to retire to bed early.

Fridays are there to eat ice cream after work and have pizza for dinner. We usually don't plan anything for a Friday evening and spend time together before a busy weekend. 

The Working Week Ahead:
An interesting and busy week lies ahead. It’s jam packed with clients and I will be doing some serious office admin this week. My diary is my best friend. I am a bit old fashioned and like to write everything down and "prettify" my diary. It’s so rewarding after a long week to look back and see all the exciting things that happened. To do lists are also a must in our home. A calendar that hangs close to our front door is such a lifesaver. Having two different schedules can sometimes get out of hand. So if it is on the calendar, it is almost set in stone.

Things I'm excited about this week:
What makes me excited about the week ahead is that I get to work with so many different creative individuals to manage different tasks.

What will challenge me this week?
I love routine and sometimes it's a good thing, but not always. A challenge for me this week will be to run the household, buy groceries, cook dinner, make time to exercise and spend time with my husband and then very importantly; to be recharged when attending to my awesome clients and their business needs. I feel that a routine is important when planning ahead.

Personal Thoughts or Goal:
Being 23 weeks pregnant is amazing, but one of my personal goals is to get the nursery ready bit by bit. This helps me to prepare for the arrival of our little one and to make room for the new role I am going to be taking on. My goal is to have this project done by 1 November, it is probably one of the most fun projects I have worked on up to date.

I hope you have a lovely week!

Find Carla's business online: Website / Facebook
*Photos by Melanie Wessels

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