Cookie Recipe & Label Printable Freebie

Claire - my darling and dear assistant gave me this beautiful jar as a gift. She has kindly, created the printable so you too can create a lovely gift or treat jar complete with recipe and all things nice! The instructions are super easy and amazingly delicious. The mix also freezes well - so you can save some cookie dough for another baking day. Here are all the details...

Claire used a large Consol jar and filled it with the following: (you can also use this order for your layering):
375g Flour
1 1/4 Teaspoon baking powder
Pinch of salt
2 Small packets of caramel chips (choc chips can work too)
190g Sugar (Claire packaged the sugar in a small packet as you add it later in the recipe)

Claire very cleverly tied a cookie cutter and a small caramel essence bottle to the jar with twine. 

The super easy instructions (and other ingredients) are included in the printable and there are two pretty colours - pink (my fav) and turquoise teal version. I can't recommend this recipe enough - it's delicious, easy, quick and moreish (you know me and my sweet tooth)! It's a lovely DIY which is affordable and suitable for all skill levels.

Happy making and baking!

Meet Free Monday #29

21 July: A Day at HQ
Well... hello there Monday! Fancy meeting you here. It’s that time of the week when we realise we need to do it all over again. I hope that your week will be off to a good start rather than just a repetitive one. Did you have a nice weekend? I did – it was both relaxing and productive. Daniel got sick this week so on Friday night I made chicken and ginger soup (a tried and tested healer). On Saturday I woke up quite early and felt like being productive – it was quite nice to actually have the energy to go ahead and do something useful. I rearranged and tidied my wardrobe, which was overdue. I did a major purge during my spring clean earlier in the year, but never re-arranged all. Finally, it’s done! I think I can improve it slightly and was so tempted to head to the Plastic Shop, but didn’t – it’s good enough for now. With Daniel being ill – he took a nap (quite rare) so I read and also dozed off which was so nice. We headed out for a really early dinner which included a sneaky takeaway dessert to eat at home. Yesterday, we wanted to do something outside, but still take it easy so we headed out for lunch and a long walk at the beach. I wasn’t able to do my 67 minutes for Madiba on Friday and decided that it was still worth doing it - even if late. I really wanted to pick up litter at the beach as each time we go for a walk along the shore I'm horrified by all the washed up litter. It hurts just looking at it. It was really rewarding to pick it up and deposit a huge bag of rubbish in a bin. It isn’t much, but at least it is a few less things that can harm our oceans and the creatures that depend on it. This is something I wouldn’t mind doing on a regular basis. I feel so saddened by it and I wish that brands / humans would take more responsibility for where their packaging ends up (I can’t tell you the amount of Coca Cola plastic lids that I collected). Not to mention plastic straws. Humans – what’s wrong with us! 

On a lighter note – let’s look at the week ahead...

The Working Week in Review / Last Week:
It was a fairly good week. The majority of things that needed to get done did get taken care of. The Cape Town workshops are getting bookings, but there is still far to go. Friday was particularly good – I started out with a list that scared me. I thought I couldn’t get through it, but I managed to! I felt relieved and my brain felt confused as if it didn’t quite know what to do when all was done. Not related to the work side of things, but I let myself down on the exercising front and only went to one yoga class. In the past I was an exceptionally active person – it’s just built in, but at the moment I’m battling to get going and I know it will help with my stress. How do you get motivated for staying fit? My left eye has been giving such problems on the sight side and it has become swollen and puffy (best to keep the sunglasses on). I had to head out for a major toiletry haul last week as everything aggravated it. I have stocked up on new make-up remover, moisturiser and eye cream which are all milder and seem to be helping. This has nothing to do with work, but it does make work more difficult.

The Working Week:
I managed to work on my planning last night and got creative with a few lists. This week looks a lot like last week – with the same type of tasks on the go. There are one or two projects I have been pushing to one side which need to get handled – asap. Sometimes when things are exciting or big – I back away. It’s a bad habit and self-sabotage I suppose. 

Things I'm excited about this week:
My 30 days to 30 continues with a few fun ones lined up this week (follow along via my personal Instagram). I have also scheduled a few dinners and catch ups with several friends – good food and good company.

What will challenge me this week?
Getting stuck into bigger tasks that I have been sidelining!

Personal Thoughts:
Despite some challenges – I’m in a positive mindset at the moment. Behind the scenes there is something hanging over Daniel and my head which I hope will be sorted out very soon (it has been dragging on for months). I like being able to keep a positive outlook even when everything isn’t perfect – it’s what we all need to do. Social media shows only what we want it to show and it’s so easy to forget that normal life is still on the go.

Are you facing any challenges and how do you stay positive?

In today's photo I share my planner set-up for the week. I decided to try to be a little bit more creative as when I look at the lovely pages of Little Red Moose or Filo Cuteness I feel so inspired, but I just can't quite figure out how to put it together.

Etsy Craft Party 2014

I recently received the Etsy Craft Party photos and was so delighted to look back to see all the small details. It was a busy day and night! The photographer for the eve - Jason did some miraculous work capturing the night - the venue is so dark, but he managed to pull it off. 
I have so many people and amazing brands to thank for all their help - I hope I haven't missed anyone! Bit tough to keep this post brief, but I hope you enjoy taking a look...

The Incredible Sponsors:
Spiga d' Oro - Venue
In Good Company (each attendee received their For Good Times book - incredible!)
Nifty250 - each lovely lady received a print and we used them to decorate the venue to match the theme.
Skinny laMinx
Jason Keith - Life through a Lens
Washi Bug
Bos Ice Tea

The People Behind the Scenes:
The Spiga Team
Venessa Matthews from Little Mud Hut one of Durban's finest creatives
Nicola Ashe from Ask Ashe the best neighbour and creative mind a gal could ask for
Claire Norden my always willing and wonderful assistant
Cathy from The Deco Collection
Ellen Jonker my kind and exceptionally generous mom
Tarryn Shepherd a great friend and creative

Items for Each Attendee: Be sure to check out all of these beautiful local brands.
Toast Stationery
Smith's Bakeshop
Madame Macaron

Amazing Giveaways:
Andrea Barras
Andri Burnett
I heart Market
Cotton Candyfloss
Eighty Seven Hearts
Freshly Found
Isla Designs
It's a Bling Thing
Kelly Fletcher Needlework Design
Love Pretty Things
My Cherry Blossom
Paper Jet Designs

Another HUGE thank you to everyone involved! I can't quite put it into works how grateful I was and still am!

Craft Workshop: 2nd August SOLD OUT

That's right it's time for a craft workshop as promised last month!

Details: SOLD OUT
Date: 2 August
Venue: The Benjamin (141 Florida Road, Durban)
Time: 9am to 11:30am
Cost: R150 includes craft supplies, coffee / tea and cake (and a giveaway).
What will we be creating? We will be working on beautiful packaging and wrapping with some really awesome supplies including heaps of tape from Washi Bug. I will be teaching the workshop and sharing my tips for beautiful gift wrapping and crafty ideas for packaging.

There are only five places available and to book you can just email me to reserve your spot or let me know if you have any questions. I will invoice you and payment is due to confirm your place. Hooray - I'm so excited to get creative and have some fun!

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