July Jaunt with Forever New

Rock a pretty dress, get to have fun, wear a crown! Um... yes please, sign me up. Forever New invited me to this year's Vodacom Durban July for a bit of dressing up splendour. I in turn invited Sabrina, (Fashion Nanny) client and friend along to enjoy the style spotting with me. It was so lovely to be able to go in store, riffle through the rails, try on outfits and then decide on what to wear - like our very own walk in wardrobe. 

I opted for the beautifully constructed Lindsay Lace Prom Dress, paired with the Serena Single Breasted Coat in the colour "mulled wine" (mmmm sounds good). It was a very cold day so I was so glad to add a hint of stylish warmth to the dress. I don't do well in the cold and I don't like being a fashion victim either - so coat on it was. The item that made me the happiest was the crochet crown, which just so happened to be called the "Nadia Crown" - fashion fate. My leather Campo Marzio clutch was the perfect companion for stashing a few race day essentials. Sabrina wore the Lydia Prom Dress in Pink Whisp - that colour sounds almost edible. She styled her look with boots and a harder edge which made for a unique look. Overall we had a really wonderful time people watching, outfit spotting and deciding which horses we thought would win - based purely on their names (obviously) - pretty smart if you ask me.

Special thanks to the lovely Forever New team and to photographer Marlon Nero for snapping our outfits.

Decorex Joburg: InStudio & Celebrating my Birthday

"New to Decorex Joburg and a highlight for industry professionals is InStudio presented by Kohler. A day of design talks on interior trends, commercial design, architecture and creative business.

A free-flow forum exchanging fresh insights, trend observations and creative business ideas, InStudio presented by Kohler, will bring together a line-up of great minds on the local and international design scene."

In just over a week I will be heading to Joburg for Decorex as one of the speakers within the InStudio concept. I am really looking forward to it. I will be speaking at 11am on the 5th of August and would love to see you there.
To attend - you can register as a trade visitor / click here. More details below...

The talk and opening day of Decorex just so happens to be my birthday. I arrive in Joburg the day before so I will wake up in the city on my birthday and to celebrate - I would love to connect with as many creatives as possible, considering I won't be with Daniel or my family. To celebrate even further, I will have four special gifts for the first (four) blog readers who pop by to say hello and attend the talk. I'll be hanging around a bit earlier - so stop by, say hello and let's chat. You are also most welcome to come and ask me your most pressing creative business questions. I will be available to chat after my talk - plenty of time for us to catch up, so please don't be shy. See you soon!

You can  read my latest interview with Decorex on their blog - where I share a few of my favourite things.

"InStudio presented by Kohler takes place at Decorex Joburg on Friday 5th August only. All talks are free to registered Decorex Joburg trade visitors on a first come first serve basis and will take place in a centrally located pop-up theatre in the link between Halls 2 and 3."

Living Room Lessons

In a bid to always strive for a tidy (happy) home, I am always looking for ways in which to improve our space. It’s something I adore doing and thinking about in my spare (work free) time. It isn't always easy - between decor magazines, social media and the general information overload I find I am often conflicted with my decision making. At the same time I aim to create an environment that Daniel likes too and much to my dismay he won't let me put pink cushions in the lounge (I tried).

We have been working together to slowly bring our lounge to life. From reupholstering certain restored pieces through to general re-organisation and the process is going so well. It's the first time I actually feel like we are getting somewhere. Living room ideas are aplenty and we are beyond inspired to keep making progress.

For some, interior decorating comes naturally and although I am quite certain on what I like, I do also want to make use of what we have and mind the budget at the same time. Creativity is at the heart of our home and we enjoy adding pieces that have a story. For example, we found a retro chest of drawers while on honeymoon, Daniel's parents gifted us a vintage radio which Daniel repaired and our LCD unit is the first piece Daniel built for our first (very little) home. Surrounded by lovely memories while making new ones - that is home perfectly defined for me.

Having been in a rut with our abode to now feeling more decisive and focused I wanted to share my personal realisations and reflections. They aren't by any means groundbreaking, but to me the light bulb (pun intended) feels as if it has finally switched on.

• I have established that creating a more neutral space definitely allows our pieces to go that extra mile. Adding colour through details like cushions or even bright handles on drawers is a perfect way to bring a different shade into the room. I found a bright Union Zack set when I was last London and it’s a lovely reminder of where our relationship started.

• Don't be shy of who you are and what you like. When I was younger I tried to prescribe to a certain style which I thought would mean I was on trend. A little bit of wisdom has allowed me to appreciate our joint style as a couple and to allow it to be unique. Trends come and go, but beautiful items that you love can transcend through seasonal changes.

• Comfort rules in our home, it needs to be practical and easy to keep clean too. Plump cushions, cosy blankets and being 'allowed' to put our feet up is all part of the enjoyment process for us.

• Plants make our house a home and with so many options currently available in all shapes and forms it's so easy to add a bit of greenery to a space. I make a note in my diary each week to water our plants, which really helps to ensure that we don't let them become parched (or let them die).

• Seeking focused inspiration is the way forward. Rather than overwhelming yourself with trying to seek every trend rather find a space or publication to use as a point of reference which suits your style. It allows you to curate your choices. I particularly enjoyed browsing through a few living room ideas and tips on Homify. I'm far from a pro so I need all the help I can get when it comes to interiors. Useful, concise and visually inspiring info.

We still want to reupholster our couch (saving the pennies first), add a bench to our trestle dining room table and one or two more framed art pieces or prints and it I can tick the project off. Taking our time, doing it together and then of course enjoying our home is making this particular decor journey all the more fun. We agree on our choices (phew) and we feel house proud and that makes my heart BEAM with joy!

*Posted in collaboration with Homify. All views are my own and this is a website that I truly view and read in my personal capacity.

Brand Experience Sessions: Cape Town Launch

It's with joy and of course an enormous amount of excitement that I announce my first series of Brand Experience Sessions, which I am launching in Cape Town next week. The project has been under wraps, but I can finally unveil it – hooray!

I will be in Cape Town for only a couple of days meeting with key brands and creatives, but I have kept two sessions open for bookings upon today's announcement for those who were not part of the initial list. This new addition to my consulting repertoire takes on a mentor style format with the main focus on confidentiality, style and clear points of action for you to implement within your brand / business.

Next Available Date: Monday - 29th August
Slot One: 11:30am
Slot Two: 3:00pm RESERVED

With my background and experience in luxury fashion, marketing and a blogging career spanning over a nine year period, I feel that a great deal of my work experience has lead me to offering these specialised, professional sessions. To share that knowledge, which encompasses a worldwide perspective through to our own unique local influence brings me great happiness. A honed set of facts, skills and observations both in the creative market and the corporate terrain are brought together in a package that allows for the shared information to take on a discreet, focused and exceptionally detailed delivery to my clients.

I was interviewed by one of the collaborative brands involved to share and showcase the heart, meaning and true value of this new addition to my business profile. When I sat down to  pen my answers it was the ideal time for me to employ mindful reflection. It encouraged me to stay true to what I have set out to do through connecting with brands in person. Our brands have the opportunity to change people's lives in a beautiful, positive and happy way. Who wouldn't want to share that valuable type of sincere joy through their business?

How our brands and businesses impact the world are completely within our control. We can extend a point of connection that speaks straight to the heart of our customers or clients, that magical, unique touch that keeps them coming back. It's a mutual exchange built from the need to serve our fellow humans and business owners, thus allowing them to be positively affected by our services and products.

Further Details of Brand Experience Sessions:

There are only two of these new brand experience sessions available in celebration of the Cape Town launch. Below is a basic outline of the process, but once you are on board I will guide you further and allow you access to the details related to your own unique, specialised session.

Each mentored brand experience session lasts two and a half hours and includes an array of added benefits. Of course I will add a treat or two to spoil and inspire you.

There is an initial exchange of information in the lead up to your session – we shall call it happy, pretty homework. It forms part of our foundation to ensure that your session delivers the best possible results.

The actual session is firmly focused on analysing your creative business, followed by key focus points on the subject matter of offering an exceptional brand experience. From there on we explore how your business can begin to invest in this ideal client connection.

You will also receive key tips on how to further grow your business in other areas and an overview of how to improve your social media.

This session is a fast-track to getting things done and if implemented correctly will certainly yield rewards. Follow-up support will be available along with key referrals. You will also become one of my portfolio client members who receive referrals, support and valuable insight throughout the year.

Session Date and Time Slots: Friday - 8th July
Slot One: 10am RESERVED
Slot Two: 2pm RESERVED

Next Available Date: Monday - 29th August
Slot One: 11:30am
Slot Two: 3:00pm RESERVED

Venue: A beautiful, secret Cape Town location set to inspire you.

Each session is charged at R1200 and includes a variety of additional elements over and above the time we spend together. You will be treated to a unique brand experience to inspire you taking your business to greater heights and ensure success.

Please note these sessions will be taking place around South Africa, but spaces are very limited due to reservations already in place. To reserve your session please email me at hello@nadiavdmescht.co.za. You will receive further guidance from there onwards.

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