A Month for Celebrating

Hello August... it's time to celebrate! Not only is it my birthday next week, but also Women's Day and month. I have an inspired line-up of posts to help you find your inner sparkle, including contributions from fellow women in business. Other exciting features on the menu include giveaways, business tips and a DIY. I'm looking forward to sharing and celebrating with you!

A Delayed MFM: 29 July

The Week in Review & Questions / 21 July - 27 July

I've been thinking about MFM posts and decided to change the monthly schedule. The aim will be to post one of each every month:
  • A planning inspiration MFM post - usually the first Monday of the month.
  • A normal MFM post with my personal thoughts.
  • One invited guest MFM post.
  • And... one week in review picture post.
What do you think? What would you like to see more of? What details would you like to see me chat about in the MFM posts? 

This week I'm sharing my week in review - showing a few things I did, saw and worked on which seemed like a nice way to switch up the MFM mix.
Last week kicked off with a quick planner dashboard overall. I cut a new divider and added these cute 'note to self' sticky notes from Typo. I also swapped out a few things and added a Nifty250 print of Daniel and I. The new set-up is neater and more useful - love it so far. 

Tuesday was a really great admin day and I got through several things I have been wanting to work on for ages. One such project was sorting out my office filing using this lovely white box Daniel built for me. I added some polka dot files from Typo and labelled each one. It now lives on my project desk for easy access and includes client projects we're working on and dedicated folders for correspondence that I refer to often like briefs. 

I found a colourful and handy file at CNA for receipts. I currently keep personal receipts and business related ones too and needed a way to keep them organised as others systems where just not catching on. It looks nice and so far so good!

A quick trip to China Mall with Daniel (he needed some gadget) held some reward - take a look at these pretty pens. They all work (luckily) and were only R35 for 12! Perfect for having handy in the office. I also found the most adorable mini striped popcorn boxes I plan to use for my birthday celebrations.

I met up with a friend for a catch up dinner at Palki  (Musgrave Road) - one of my favourite locals. Their Butter Naan is sent from heaven and contains zero calories (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I can't recommend this authentic restaurant enough.

It was a special friend's baby shower over the weekend so we all got together and celebrated. I had to trade in my usual pink inspired wrapping for something more suitable (for a boy) and I was happy with the results. I bought a really cute and funny babygro from Mooi in Glenwood and added a letter to 'Baby B'.

One of last week's 30 days to 30 tasks was to attend a Durban International Film Festival movie which was not only easy, but really fun too. I invited along some friends and we watched The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. Phew - that is quite a title to get out! Great movie - entertaining and hilarious all in one.

I hope your week is inspired, productive and just plain wonderful!

Currently Reading - Mollie Makes Blogging

I'm currently reading and enjoying the special blogging edition of Mollie Makes magazine (thanks for the heads up Nicola). The printed copies are long sold out and they were very limited, but I bought one via Newsstand on my iPad. It was R169.99 (9.99 in pounds) via iTunes. Mollie Makes haven't made purchasing easy - I searched and looked and finally found it. They also don't seem to respond to readers on social media. I love the brand, but communication is everything. Anyway, forgetting all that - this informative issue takes on the layout of a magazine, but it's much like a book which you can keep and refer to for inspiration or guidance. It features many successful bloggers including the talented duo from A Beautiful Mess and Bri from DesignLoveFest (love her). The pages are beautiful, colourful and well thought-out. It's a must for creative business owners looking to upgrade their blogs and knowledge. Happy reading!

Cookie Recipe & Label Printable Freebie

Claire - my darling and dear assistant gave me this beautiful jar as a gift. She has kindly, created the printable so you too can create a lovely gift or treat jar complete with recipe and all things nice! The instructions are super easy and amazingly delicious. The mix also freezes well - so you can save some cookie dough for another baking day. Here are all the details...

Claire used a large Consol jar and filled it with the following: (you can also use this order for your layering):
375g Flour
1 1/4 Teaspoon baking powder
Pinch of salt
2 Small packets of caramel chips (choc chips can work too)
190g Sugar (Claire packaged the sugar in a small packet as you add it later in the recipe)

Claire very cleverly tied a cookie cutter and a small caramel essence bottle to the jar with twine. 

The super easy instructions (and other ingredients) are included in the printable and there are two pretty colours - pink (my fav) and turquoise teal version. I can't recommend this recipe enough - it's delicious, easy, quick and moreish (you know me and my sweet tooth)! It's a lovely DIY which is affordable and suitable for all skill levels.

Happy making and baking!


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